daytime group personal training

September 2019 In-taking has started!



Have you had an experience or feeling this year, maybe even this summer that made you feel uncomfortable, like super, uncomfortable in your own skin?

Do you look at large group classes and 💭I wish I could do that...but think it’s too much, or you won’t keep up or think it will be overwhelming?

Have you got a milestone event approaching or maybe had a milestone event and thought, jeez, enough, NOW is the time!

Have you been thinking about your health lately and what might be holding you back from living a fuller life?

Are you truly ready to make a change, and I’m not talking about a few pounds off, a fad crash diet...I mean a total “inches get off” so that I can fit in that dress/suit that is x2 sizes smaller transformation! 🙂💃🕺🔛

But make no mistake, this type of transformation is much more than just being about the body. Otherwise it’s just another PT, group training thing that makes a difference for a couple months but hasn’t moved you to the place you need to be to have a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.

Because, if you’ve tried every diet, various exercise options and nothing is sticking or working, enough is enough right?

AND If it’s not NOW, then when?

I have 5 places available on my
☀️DAYTIME☀️ group personal training programme launching in September. But, I 🚨you, this will be an intensive programme that commands your commitment. So, only 👀 on if you are really ready to make the change.

💥Introducing.....ISLAND INCH LOSS!💥

🔥x3 daytime small group personal training sessions a week

🥑🍐post workout Smoothie & nutrition natter

🔥Access to Rhoose bootcamp sessions (x3 a week)

🥗Nutrition and healthy living guidance including top recipe ideas, tools and techniques to stay focused

🔥Regular Weigh ins and measurements

🔥Varied sessions using a variety of fat burning exercise techniques including:
🏃🏽‍♀️Travelling sessions (And amazing sights we will see!😉)
🏋️‍♀️Resistance and strength (various toys involved 😉)
🤸‍♀️Bodyweight workouts
🧘‍♀️Mindful HIIT

🏞Outdoor sessions with proven health benefits and that encourage resilience of mind (yeah because we are going to need stronger minds to make our transformations and over time, feel much much better)

🔥Access to heavily discounted 1-1 PT sessions if you find you want to get ahead, focus on something specific to you or just do more of something you find you enjoy! (After-all, we are on a journey of discovery when we are on this programme!)

😃Peer support and camaraderie and your very own mini community of people working to the same goals and access to all of the social lifestyle stuff that comes with this!

💥Sessions will be held local to Barry and Rhoose between the hours of 10-2 Mon-Fri

*To partake in this programme you must commit to the full programme Sept-Dec 2019.
**You will be granted up to x2 weeks of Active Recovery during the programme that you can take for holiday etc but you must complete the home/away workouts you are supplied with for those weeks.

For more information, all you have to do is email me at ali@reality-fitness.co.uk and tell me WHY you need 1 of these 5 places.

I’m sorry, I can only take 5 people on this journey at this time, if you register your interest and do not manage to secure a place this time, I will keep you informed of future programmes, I promise!